The Impossible (2/3) …a story of faith & hope.

Dear Reader,

(continuation of previous post)

(warning: this post contains spoiler. i hope you don’t mind^^)

Two old men rescued Maria and Lucas and sent them to the hospital.

At the hospital, the very weak Maria whispered to her son, “Look around you, Lucas. This place is so busy. You must do something to help.” Lucas was hesitant, because he wanted to watch over her mother. Maria encouraged her by saying that she would not go anywhere.

Once again, I was moved by Maria’s kindness & Lucas’ faith in his mom. While I was watching Lucas run around the hospital helping people find their lost families, I saw God’s hands working through the child. Lucas managed to reunite a father and son. He also saw Daniel in his father’s arms.

Meanwhile, Henry figured that it would be safer to send Thomas and Simon to the mountains while was still looking for Maria and Lucas. Thomas wouldn’t agree to be separated from his father, but Henry asked him, “Do you know what’s scariest for me?” Thomas guessed, “When the wave hit us?” Henry smiled and said, “No, it was when I came to the surface and I was alone.” He explained that Maria & Lucas might be feeling very scared at that time.

He searched every hospital and evacuation centers possible. He even searched for his family amongst rows of dead bodies. I couldn’t imagine how heart-breaking it could be for him.

Henry finally reached the hospital where Maria and Lucas were. He searched the whole place, but missed Maria’s bed.

(to be continued)

Thanks for reading!

Kristine G. Veneracion

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