The 4th Beatitude

“Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for uprightness: they shall have their fill.” -Mt. 5:6

“Blessed are you who are hungry now: you shall have your fill…” – Lk. 6:21

Dear Reader,

To hunger or to thirst for uprightness or righteousness is to desire to become humble and loving like Jesus. During His ministry, His actions were not for selfish, personal satisfaction. He extended his love to the poor, to the sick, and to us, the sinners. His justice is pure love.

“Jesus answered, ‘Go back and tell John what you hear and see; the blind see again, and the lame walk, those suffering from virulent skin-diseases are cleansed, and the deaf hear, the dead are raised to life and the good news is proclaimed to the poor;…” – Mt. 11:4-5

And so, Jesus calls us to follow his ways – to be humble and to serve one another. We continue our spiritual hunger and thirst for righteousness, with the hope that, one day, we shall have our fill.

I would like to share with you, before I conclude, a very touching and meaningful church hymn, As I Have Done For You, which struck me during the Maundy Thursday mass. I couldn’t imagine myself singing in a video, so I recorded an instrumental version of the song for you with the lyrics as subtitle. Please enjoy the video (

“I, your Lord and Master, now become your servant.

I who made the moon and stars will kneel to wash your feet.

This is my commandment: to love as I have loved you.

Kneel to wash each other’s feet as I have done for you.”

-Chorus of Dan Schutte’s As I Have Done For You


Kristine G. Veneracion

P.S. Read more about The Beatitudes here:

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