My Color of Hope



The morning sky on my way to KFC =)

Dear Reader,

I’m eating breakfast in KFC right now with a calm Korean love song as background music. (I say love song because the only word I can pick up is sarang/love.^^) I do not understand the lyrics at all, but I feel like the music describes how I feel right now.

My heart wants to shout out loud. My feelings are complicated, but I am somewhat hopeful.

I remember that someone once told me, “The harder I work, the luckier I get.” I start to think, “Could it be that I do not work hard enough and that is why I do not get things my way?”

I called my dad this morning and he gave me, as usual, the answer and the strength to make one more step in my life. He told me that things happen for a reason. We might not be able to get exactly what we want, but God has more beautiful plans.

My dad told me that in his younger days, he was looking for a job as a bank technician. He travelled from town to town with his eldest brother, but he couldn’t get the job that he wanted. He ended up in a rural bank in a town where everyone was a stranger. Optimistic and grateful as he was, he saw an opportunity to start a new career and to meet new friends. In that bank, he met my mom. Later, he received a job offer from the bank which was his first choice. He declined the offer. He has already given his word to the rural bank.

“Kapag may hinihingi ka kay Lord at hindi ibinibigay sa iyo, hindi pa ukol. Eka nga, kung hindi ukol, hindi bubukol. (LOL) Hindi natin alam na baka kapag ibinigay Niya pala sa ‘yo e mapalayo ka sa Kanya. Kung anu man ang ibigay sa atin, malaki man o maliit, dapat mahalin. Kung hindi ko ginawa ‘yon, ede ‘di ko nakilala Mommy mo…ede wala ka,” he explained in one breath.

(If God won’t grant what you desire, it is not the time. Maybe, you would have drifted away from Him if He had granted your wish at the wrong time. Therefore, whenever He gives you something big or small, love it. If I did not submit to fate, to God’s plan, during that time, I wouldn’t have met your Mommy. You wouldn’t have existed,” he explained in one breath.

So, that was how I found hope once again. I found peace in my heart.

I love my dad! He is the wisest man for me.

Kristine G. Veneracion

2 thoughts on “My Color of Hope

  1. Hi Kay,
    This is one of the wonderful life stories I’ve ever heard.. 🙂
    I would say, ‘Praise the Lord for that you have such a wonderful father.’ 🙂
    Thanks for your sharing.


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