How amazing it is to be loved.


“Even strings become tired and unstable…
don’t worry..
we can always start over again
and face tomorrow with a hopeful heart.”

Dear Reader,

I find that my violin strings somehow reminds me how I treat myself. I did not change the strings for around 1 year now. The D and E strings became unstable. The sound would go out of tune frequently while I play.

People all over the internet says that strings must be changed regularly depending on how often the instrument is played. If the strings were neglected, just like a persons emotions, it could become tiring and, eventually, it would go crazy and unstable.

That’s how I usually treat myself. Whenever I am sad or frustrated, I would neglect those emotions and try to become strong and happy. That way, I could not burden other people. And then when the day comes when I reach my limit, I would pour my heart out and cry like crazy.

It may sound okay, but my good friend Christine told me that it is definitely not okay. We must acknowledge our weaknesses and be honest. We have friends and community who can support us and journey with us. Indeed, as the popular poem goes, “No man is an island…”

And then, she touched my heart completely by saying softly, “Sis, allow us to love you.”

I wept.

Kristine G. Veneracion

P.S. i will continue writing about the beatitudes soon… I do not forget.

P.S. again^^ I posted (almost) the same thing in Facebook and my friend’s comment was WOW! Here:


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