The 6th Beatitude

“Blessed are the pure in heart: they shall see God.” -Mt. 5:8

Dear Reader,

A pure heart is a heart with clean and sincere intentions. A pure heart is one that selflessly love and bring happiness to others.

We praise, worship, and serve God because He is worthy. It is right and just to do so. We do it because we seek for His kingdom, and not because we want praises from people around us.

Serving the Church with our God-given talents can be really challenging sometimes. We, of course, want to give our best for God. It MUST be for God, and not for us to want to receive praises from others.

For instance, in a liturgical ministry such as serving as lector, I always remind myself that I stand in front to speak the Word of God to His people. I want the congregation to hear and feel God’s love and presence in their lives through the Scriptures. If possible, I hope that everyone can experience the Word of God as if they were inside the story. This must be the mindset. And, if people may say, “You were great,” then I must remind myself to give back the praise to God. Without Him, there is nothing I can do.

The same concept applies to other ministries, even those outside the liturgy. In The Emmaus, the youth charismatic prayer group where I serve, we always have people standing in front as teacher, worship leader, and musicians. All of us must pray hard that our hearts may remain pure only with the intention of pleasing, praising, and worshiping God. Musicians, especially, must be reminded that praise & worship sessions are not performances, but those are prayers that we offer up to the Almighty.

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Kristine G. Veneracion

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