Dear Reader,


Recently, the Gwiyomi action song is becoming viral in the internet. A number of young girls (even boys) mostly from S.Korea, Thailand and Philippines are uploading their own versions of the action song.

It is a song by South Korean celebrity, Hari. Gwiyomi or kiyomi means cute in English. And, yes, it is a simple, cute song where the girlfriend is being possessive of her boyfriend. It sounds like puppy love to me.

Lyrics and translation here.

Lastly, (I know this doesn’t make sense) I’m stressed, so I decided to make a Giyomi video, too. Haha! Enjoy! >>

Kristine G. Veneracion

P.S. my best friend hates the song. Haha. too cutesy for his taste, i guess.

P.S. #2 Please like and/or leave a comment. I want to know what you think…and also, comments make me happy, hehe. 🙂

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