The 8th Beatitude


“…cada uno de nosotros es un anillo en esta cadena de amor.” -Papa Francisco

Dear Reader,

When we live a Christian life, we are bound to endure harsh thoughts, words, and actions of persecution from the people around us, even friends and family.

I once shared to someone that I am against divorce, and that person exclaimed with unbelief, “What kind of woman are you?”

I stayed for more than a month in a foreign country and I had to extend my tourist visa by going out for a while. However, I had to present a return or onward ticket to the immigration officer when I come back. My friend offered, “I’ll make a fake return ticket for you, so that you can save money.” I declined. My friend mocked me.

You probably have encountered similar situations, but like saints and martyr, let us not be discouraged. Sometimes, we would fail. We must try again and possess unending love and faith in God. It will not be an easy road ahead.

Pope Francis I, in his homily last Wednesday in Chapel of the Casa Santa Marta, explained that the Church is not a bureaucratic organization where people make deals so as to have “more partners in this enterprise.” He said, “the road that Jesus willed for His Church is otherwise: the way of difficulties, the way of the cross, the way of persecution.” The Pope said that the Church is a love story. It has began with God’s love a long time ago, and is still ongoing. We must know that each one of us is a link in this chain of love.

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