Iron Man 3

Dear Reader,

My cousin, Kuya* Christian, invited me to watch Iron Man 3 and I gladly accepted his invitation.

I like superhero movies, but I did not watch the first two Iron Man movies because I didn’t find Ironman (and robots) cool. This time, I convinced myself and thought, “Why not give it a go?”

From the beginning until just before the ending, I thought that the movie was not so bad. It was okay. The graphics and effects were good and realistic! The actors were also okay. There was quite a number of humorous scenes. The kid was smart and cool! Oh! And, the last big fight was very impressive! Iron Man 3 was interesting. I would recommend this to my friends (and readers).

On the other hand, the ending was aaaawesome!!! It was really beautiful! It’s suddenly all about true love.

To fulfill his lover’s wish he blasted his Ironman suits into fireworks as a Christmas present. He sacrificed what he wants, his ultimate hobby, to make the person he loves happy and safe.

True love is when we forget about our own desire and sacrifice for friends, for family, and for people around us. This kind of love is what makes a hero “cool”.

Kristine G. Veneracion



*Kuya = older brother.

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