Ministers of the Word

Dear Reader,

Praised be Jesus and Mary!

Not so long ago, I shared a post where I used the violin as an analogy for love, hope and friendship. It was interesting and surprising when I accidentally came across the story of how Stradivari used the violin to explain about how we should serve the Lord.

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Antonio Stradivari, the famous maker of violin, instructed his craftsmen, “No violin leaves this workshop until it is as close to perfection as human skill and care can make it.”

When Stradivari was asked, “Why this passion for perfection?”

He had only one answer, “God needs violin to take music to the world, and if my violins are defective God’s music is spoiled.”

There were times when I am guilty of preparing last minute for the readings assigned to me. There were instances when I focused too much on the technical parts (pronunciation, stress, pace, etc) until I forgot to reflect on what is the message that God wants to tell the congregation. I felt bad about it, and decided to remind myself once again of the reason why I wanted to serve in the liturgy, and the mission that was entrusted to us.

The ministry of proclaiming the Word entails faith, ability, commitment and calling.

We must constantly be reminded that our role is to take God’s word to the ears of the world. If our reading is defective, God’s word is spoiled.

This applies basically to everyone who serves the Lord. We want to give our best to God.

All for Jesus!

Kristine G. Veneracion

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Source: I found the story while scanning my friend’s book, a guide for lectors. I am sorry I forgot the title, but it’s something like “Breaking Open the Word” or “Break Open the Word”.

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