Singapore Bukit Timah Hill

Dear Reader,

Praised be Jesus and Mary!

Last Labor Day, May 1, my friends and I decided to go trekking (or hiking, or whatever that’s called) in Singapore’s Bukit Timah Hill. It has one of the largest rainforest left in Singapore.


We gathered at a nearby bus stop, and walked toward the nature reserve. At the entrance, we saw a big sign warning visitors not to feed the monkeys.


The first slope was the steepest and most tiring, but it became easier as we find ourselves deeper in the forest. There were security cameras tied on trees along the trails.

There were plenty of big logs, big rocks, big ants, and muddy trail. But thanks to the company of friends, I had fun. We all have different pace, but none were left behind. We encouraged and supported each other.



We found ourselves at the bottom of a tall flight of steps. A friend said meaningfully, “Sometimes it’s good not to look too far ahead. One step at a time.”

And after more than half an hour (I guess), we finally reached the summit hut. The height of 163.63 meters was etched on the big rock there.




We stayed there for a short while to play a game, went down the hill, and ate lunch together before going home.

Kristine G. Veneracion

All photos were taken by William Kangdra.

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