Love is a human instinct. (MRT Accident)

Dear Reader,

Praised be Jesus and Mary!

I just took my seat when I heard a girl screaming, “Mommy! Mommy!”

I did not immediately realize what was happening. A few seconds later, I thought that the girl’s call was neither a call to get her mom’s attention nor a whining to get what she wants. It was a cry for help.

I turned my head and, to my horror, I saw a girl trapped by the MRT doors right at the middle of her body.

It all happened very fast.

Many people, especially men, tried to pull open the door to free the young girl. I saw that they were really giving all their strength to pull open the closing door. I wanted to help, but there was no more space to help pull the closing door. The girl was still shouting “Mommy! Mommy!”

I quickly scanned inside the train to figure out other ways to call for help. I spot the emergency button that the TV ads always use to demonstrate ways to report a suspicious persons who might be terrorists.

Two ladies were already there trying to call. They pressed the button, and shouted repeatedly, “Open the door! A girl is stuck at the door!”

My eyes scanned through the emergency instructions and saw that the emergency button must be released after pressing before talking towards the speaker. The lady was still pressing at the button. I pulled her finger off the button while saying, “You must release!”

I turned around again towards the trapped girl. More cries of “Mommy! Mommy!” echoed in the train.

A middle aged woman tried freeing her from the door as she instructed, “Go in! Go in!”

The girl cried out, “No! I wanna go to my Mommy! I wanna go to my Mommy!” Her mom was on the outside of the train.

To calm her down, I attempted to instruct her as calm as I could. I encouraged, “Listen. You must go in first. And then we can help you go to your mom, okay?”

She stubbornly cried, “I wanna go to my Mommy!”

Finally, we managed to pull her in. The people were still holding on to the door. I realized that a man wearing shorts put his thighs in between the doors to prevent it from closing.

The woman who was pulling the girl earlier shouted, “We will let her alight at the next stop.”

The man shouted back his reply full of worry and panic, “No! We must go together!” He is the father.

And then, the next door to the left opened. “It’s open! The door is open,” someone shouted.

Upon realization, both parents and the little girl ran towards the open door to be reunited.

There were no serious injuries, but I could tell that both father and daughter would have bad bruises from the accident.

The little girl sat on her mother’s lap crying “Mommy! Mommy!” while her mom reassured her of their safety. The father was standing in front of them with blackened legs due to dirt and affectionate eyes for his family.

Praise God for uniting His people in the course of rescuing the young girl and for saving their family from any serious injuries. I also thank God for helping the people inside the train to be calm and capable of making good decisions to save the girl.

I realized that controlling emotions to make logical decisions is very important.

Kristine G. Veneracion

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