Kicks, Punches and Self Defense

Dear Reader,

Praised be Jesus and Mary!

Nowadays, I like writing about this addictive hobby of mine, taekwondo. This way, I can share my joy and excitement to everyone.

There is a common misconception that taekwondo only uses kicks and that it is not practical in real life scenarios. I admit that it usually uses kicks in competitions, but do not forget that punches are also allowed. Moreover, outside competitions, taekwondo is actually an art for self defense that uses both hands and feet.

I personally like kicks more than punches because I can deliver more power. I think my punches are really weak. Nevertheless, I must train and learn both hand and kicking techniques.

Yesterday, I learned some self defense drills based on the Chonji pattern. My partner would grab my wrist and I had to break free using a downward block or a forearm middle section block followed up by a punch. My partner and I tried holding each other’s wrists really tight to see if the technique would work. It did!

Unfortunately, his long nails accidentally scratched me. Sigh. I don’t mind bruises but I mind cuts, wounds, and scratches. Sigh. I don’t like scars. But, it’s okay. 🙂


And then, earlier today, we learned more self defense exercises. The attacker would thrust a fake knife to the defender who would use a block, an arm lock, and a kick or a knee strike before taking the knife from the attacker. I made a lot of mistakes, but it was exciting! If it was a real knife, I would probably be bleeding a lot now.

Speaking of bleeding…. look at my hands!


We ended the training with heavy bag drills. There were a lot of punching today. Initially, I was wearing gloves until my partner decided to stop using gloves. We didn’t like the gloves because they were smelly and sweaty. Eww.. After a while, I regret my decision because punching the heavy bag with bare fists gave us small, stinging wounds which bled between the ring finger and little finger.

All in all, it was fun!

Kristine G. Veneracion

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