Testifying to Love: Fruitfulness

Dear Reader,

Praised be Jesus and Mary!

My friend Lui (We’ll call him Lui coz he doesn’t want me to mention his real name here. I don’t know why) gave a talk in The Emmaus about Living Discipleship by testifying to God’s love. Towards the end of his talk, he talked about fruitfulness.

“Do not neglect your talents/charisms,” Lui said. We should nurture our talents, our gifts. It could be in music, in preaching, in sports, in business, at work, in relating to people, etc.

He pointed out that everyone starts somewhere near the bottom. Nobody came out from their mothers’ wombs one fine day and started playing perfect tunes on the guitar the next day.

Even St. John Vianney struggled with his education in the beginning. He was considered too slow to become a priest, but his piety was sufficient to compensate for his ignorance. He showed humility in his poverty of gifts. He is now the patron saint of all parish priests.

And, even Jesus waited until He was 30 years old before he started His ministry.

When Lui mentioned Jesus’ age when he started ministry, my heart jumped. Something stirred up within me (literally). It was not because I skipped dinner, but it was due to my body temperature rising due to sudden realization. It was excitement. It felt like an affirmation to the decision I recently made. I was worried that age 30 would be too old to start something new and productive. (Oh well, I will talk more about this in future posts.)

Finally, the fruits of these gifts would bring people closer to God.

Kristine G. Veneracion

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