Treat Others with Reverence

Dear Reader,

Praised be Jesus and Mary!

Today I attended Called & Gifted Program and one of the phrases that struck me was “treat others with reverence.”

I felt very guilty.

Of course, I agree and I know that we are all tabernacle of God. The Holy Spirit lies within us. No matter how bad a person can be, there is goodness deep inside their hearts.

Well, it is very easy to say that.

However, I work in the insurance industry. I am overexposed to the rudeness of people towards us who are in sales. Majority of our clients are proud, egocentric, and harsh. Most of them look down on us and talk to us as if we are so dumb. *heartache*

As a result, I now look at people with judgemental eyes. Kind people, including those in church ministries, are probably good only when they are in church or when talking to people they know. How about when talking to a salesperson? Will they still be kind? Or will their words turn into steel daggers that will pierce our hearts.

But, this is wrong. I am also bad for judging them that way.

I must remind myself to see and to treat others like Jesus. It is very difficulty, but I must remember that God exists in them. I must treat them with the dignity they deserve.

Only this way will we be able to help others to encounter Jesus.

“Whether or not the person beside you meet Jesus depends on what you do and don’t do.”

We are called to do this, to help others meet Jesus by treating them with reverence. This is a way to communicate faith to the world.


Kristine G. Veneracion

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