Twelve Cupcakes & Starbucks

Twelve Cupcakes & Starbucks

Enjoying #twelvecupcakes at #starbucks #milleniawalk 🙂 paid for tall #whitechocolatemocha, but kind kuya #barista offered me a #venti with no additional cost 🙂 #feelinglucky #feelinghappy #afterexercise #Godisgood

Dear Reader,

Praised be Jesus & Mary!

After a good exercise from my self-defense class, I once again gave in to temptations. (sigh. i must start to eat healthier food and lose weight, haha!)

I bought cupcakes from Twelve Cupcakes. Last Monday, the promo was Buy 4, Take 2. Today, it was better – Buy 3, Take 3. 🙂

I brought the cupcakes to Starbucks which is only a few steps away.

I ordered for a Tall White Chocolate Mocha, but the kind kuya barista offered to give me a Venti with no extra cost. He recognized that I am a regular customer and that I often come for supper after taekwondo training but, still, I felt lucky and happy.

In return, I shared with him a cupcake. 🙂

God is good all the time!


Kristine G. Veneracion

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