Salute to SMRT Staffs!

Dear Reader,

Praised be Jesus and Mary now and forever!

I had a long and productive day. I worked until 6pm, trained in taekwondo until 9pm, studied for an upcoming exam in a cafe until 11pm, and continued studying in MRT for another hour during my journey home. Everything was perfect until I left my bag in the MRT.

I had two bags with me, a shoulder bag and a black shopping bag where I put my taekwondo uniform. On the way, I slipped my wallet inside the shopping bag for easy access because my MRT card is there.

I was too focused on studying a book, and so I panicked when I realized that it was my stop, Yew Tee Station. I hurried to alight the train, and then I realized that I left the shopping bag in the train.

I sought for help from the Service Counter. A friendly SMRT employee asked for my name, my contact number, a description of the bad, the contents of the bag, and the part of the train were I left my bag. He told me that he would try his best to find my bag within the night. Or, worse case scenario, he would contact me another day.

I panicked. My heart was suddenly filled with anxiety. I explained that my wallet with all my money, ATM, credit cards, identification cards….EVERYTHING! was in the bag.

He hurried and made a phone call to his colleague.

We waited for the colleague to call back.

While waiting, I made the Sign of the Cross and prayed to God to save me from losing my belongings. I remember the patron saint for lost articles, San Antonio de Padua. I called for help and asked him for intercession to help me pray to the Lord  to find my things within the night.

I was worried, yet there was some hint in my heart that everything would be okay.

The colleague finally called back and said they found my bag when the train stopped at the next station, Kranji. They asked me to head to Kranji to pick up my things. I had no money for cab fare. Luckily, there’s still train. It was fifteen minutes past midnight.

I reached Kranji. The “colleague” who found my things was not in the service counter because he was doing his rounds. The manager in the service counter was holding my bag. I smiled broadly and praised God when I saw my bag. The manager verified that it was really mine by asking me to show him an Identification Card from my wallet. I complied. He made me sign a log book and I got my bag back. I thanked him and requested that he extend my gratitude to the other colleague who found my bag. He looked happy observing how relieved and joyful I was.

I went back to Yew Tee to deliver the good news to the staff there. He commented that I looked totally different – a total transformation from a sad and worried expression to a joyful and grateful expression.

Everything happened in about half an hour.

Salute to the SMRT staffs. I got their names and some photos, too, and promised them that I will write to SMRT a feedback on their services.


(Yew Tee staff on the left: Oli Mahamed; Kranji manager on the right: Mak Fook Ming, and the hero who found my bag: Ahmad Yani.)

And of course, thanks to the intercession of San Antonio de Padua.



Kristine G. Veneracion

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