My Discernment Story (1/4): Choosing My College Course

November 7, 2013

Dear Reader,

Praised be Jesus and Mary!

Finally, I mustered some courage to write and share about my discernment story regarding my life vocation. I hesitated in sharing my story because I was scared of discouraging comments from friends. That’s a weakness of mine.

It was my childhood dream to become a pediatrician. I love kids! I want to serve my countrymen. And, being a doctor seems like a good and noble profession. I sticked to this vision for many years until my final year in high school.

After entrance exams and screening interviews, I got options to study Nursing as a pre-med course in UST, or Marketing Management in DLSU. God generously gave me a full scholarship grant from Starr Foundation. I was free to choose where and what I want to study. Both the scholarship and my parents were ready support my decision.

Honestly, I took the exam in DLSU just to say that (hey) I passed that top university’s exam. It was just for fun. Furthermore, I picked Marketing Management, just because it sounded nice to the ears. I thought my decision to study Nursing in UST was firm. I was wrong.

People around me kept saying that I was very lucky. A number of them urged me to choose DLSU, which is the leading private university in the country and known for its business courses. They said that my dream of becoming a doctor would be impractical. Those were the days when doctors were studying again to become nurses because they lack career opportunities. On the other hand, a major in marketing management would be useful if I decide to help my parents in the family business.

I prayed very hard! I cried buckets of tears because of confusion.

Finally, after weighing all my options, after hearing family’s and friends’ advice, and after all the prayers of discernment, I decided to turn my back on my dream of studying in UST, of wearing white clothes, of treating the sick, and of serving God through the field of medicine.

I chose to study in DLSU and aim to be successful in the corporate world. Afterall, if I can do that, I will have more resources to help the needy and serve my fellowmen.

Did I regret my decision?

No. Even if I were to turn back time, I would still make the same choice.

To be continued…

Kristine G. Veneracion

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