My Discernment Story (3/4): Life in Singapore

December 5, 2013

Dear Reader,

Praised be Jesus and Mary!

I tried finding a marketing job here in Singapore, but I ended up in a sales job in a call center environment. It was…not so bad. *with heavy sarcasm* 🙂 In my first two years, the work environment was very strict, the clients were extremely rude, and rejections while being looked down upon by customers became part of my everyday life. Sometimes, even comments from good friends about insurance agents would pierce my heart and leave an inner wound. But, I was still in my beloved insurance industry. I knew that I was helping people by making them realize the value of insurance. That was one of the few reasons why it became bearable.

The other and more important reason was because I accidentally found and fell in love with a youth community in church, The Emmaus Young Adults Charismatic Prayer Group (The Emmaus). I tried attending their prayer meeting one Saturday night. It was awkward; I did not understand some of the things they were doing, but the prayers touched my heart. I found myself coming back to the prayer meetings week after week, until I ended up joining the core service team.

Thanks to Emmaus that I found God working in my everyday life despite the challenges. Thanks to Emmaus that I started discerning about God’s will in my life. Thanks to Emmaus that I learned how to find joy in small things. And, of course, thank God for allowing these to happen!

To be continued…

Kristine G. Veneracion

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