My Discernment Story (4/4): Realizations

December 6, 2013

Dear Reader,

Praised be Jesus and Mary!

Earlier this year, I lost my job. My employment pass renewal was not approved by Singapore Ministry of Manpower because my company has too many foreigners. I heard that a Singapore-based company has a quota of 1 foreign employee for every 4 Singaporeans or PRs. That was too bad for me.

It took me three months to find a new job. It was a very tough time.

Thanks be to God! My new (and current) workplace has a good working environment with fun and friendly colleagues. It is exactly the same kind of job, but it feels easier to me now.

I now know that God is teaching me humility and perseverance. I believe that my hardships will prepare me for more challenging tasks ahead.

The key to my realizations is constant communication with God – prayer.

All these years, the call of becoming a doctor keeps knocking in my heart. I always ignore it with the excuse that it is too late. But, it is now clear to me that it is never too late.

I know that this is no longer just a childhood dream; this is my call to a certain vocation. If this long detour of mine did not occur, I would become a no-good doctor. (I wrote another post about the “long detour“.)This long journey of about 9 years (from high school to today) was a journey to prepare me to have the heart to take medicine as a ministry and not just a career.

Now, I am ready to do my best to say “Yes!” to God. I will pursue my dream of becoming a doctor!


Kristine G. Veneracion

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