St. Francis of Assisi’s Detour Whilst Seeking God’s Will

Dear Reader,

Praised be Jesus and Mary!

I attended a retreat last weekend with the hope that God may let me know if my will of becoming a doctor is His will as well. Just before the retreat ended, our spiritual director, Friar John Soh, told us the story of how St. Francis sought for God’s will.

St. Francis was a son of a merchant. He lived a carefree and luxurious life. He was jubilant and popular among his friends.

One day, he decided to become a knight fighting for the Pope against the emperor. He thought it was God’s will, but it was for his own glory. He was caught by the enemies and became a prisoner. His conversion began.

A few years later, he heard Christ speaking to him while praying in the Church of San Damiano. Christ said, “Francis, rebuild my church.” He thought that it was the physical church he needs to rebuild. He was even disowned and disinherited by his father for using their riches for rebuilding churches.

Later, Francis realized that God was actually referring to the universal church suffering from inside scandal and avarice as well as outside heresies. He started preaching returning to God and many followers assisted and supported him.

Therefore, I learned that seeking for God’s will requires a journey where we allow God to show us the way. I figured that, even if I am unsure of God’s will in my life, I should go ahead as long as I am doing it for God’s glory and not for my own glory.

All for Jesus!

Kristine G. Veneracion

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