DLSHSI Interview

Dear Reader,

Praised be Jesus and Mary!!

DLSHSI admissions office allows prospective students to send applications online or to visit the campus as walk-in applicants. I opted for online application because I was still living in Singapore until end of January.

After sending all necessary requirements by email, they asked me to call their office to choose an interview date and time.

My interview at DLSHSI was yesterday, Tuesday, at 1:30 pm. My parents offered to drive for me. We left home (Bulacan) at 8:30 am and reached the campus at 11:30 am. We had more than enough time for lunch. We ate at the canteen. 

The campus was environment friendly. It felt nice. Unlike Manila, it seemed like a very comfortable place to live.

At 1:00, I went to the Dean’s office while my parents were invited to wait in a nearby room.

There were five or six “young” applicants before me and one “young” girl after me. Yes. Young. Haha!!

The girl sitting beside me was a fresh graduate and we came from the same Alma Mater. She talked to me politely using “po” and “opo”. *shock!*

The interview started on time, and we were called one by one to meet the interviewer, Dr. Kent. I was called in around 3:00 pm and the interview lasted about half an hour.

He asked, “Would you like to tell more about yourself which was not in your application?” I told him my life story and my discernment story. He praised my NMAT scores considering the fact that I am a marketing management graduate. He asked about my understanding of Medicine and the characteristics I possess to survive the course. He also told me not to worry about not having a pre med background. He shared that they currently have students from many different fields and industries, but they still excel. After the interview, I felt even more motivated to pursue this vocation.

I asked about the next steps. He told me that there is a panel who will deliberate on the shortlisted candidates. Ms. Arlene also mentioned that they will have a meeting tomorrow, Thursday, and that she will be sending the result by email earliest by Friday.

I am excited!!! I am thrilled!!! There’s a fire in my heart that makes me feel more passionate!!!!


Kristine G. Veneracion

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