Missing Documents

Dear Reader,

Praised be Jesus and Mary!!

Last Monday night, the night before the interview, I lost my envelope. All my documents were there, both the originals and photocopies.

I got scared… very scared…

I searched every corner of the house, but I still could not find it.

We went back to the office late at night. Both parents were helping me. All were anxious. Luckily, there was guard on night shift who can open the building for us. We switched on a few lights and rummaged through the envelops in all filing cabinets, drawers, tables…everywhere!! We looked like burglars!! Haha!!

Finally, I found the envelop in my dad’s drawer. I was very happy I could cry.

It turned out that dad’s secretary helped to organize some envelops and thought that my files were my dad’s. I teased my dad, “Are you sure you weren’t sabotaging my interview?” Haha! It was a pure joke.

Finally, we could breathe again.

Kristine G. Veneracion

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