Am I completely insignificant?

Dear Reader,

Praised be Jesus and Mary!!

A friend shared this link in Facebook: This is Proof That We Are Completely Insignificant… Or Are We Just That Special?

As usual, I find these kind of articles really fascinating and amazing!! Somewhere billions of light years away, thousands of other galaxies exist. Each galaxy contains up to 1 trillion stars !! But, our naked eye cannot even see it from Earth.

This is exactly the reason why i love love love the night sky! 🙂

While staring at the countless stars up in the sky, it reminds me that I am nothing but a small dot in this big universe – someone who will eventually fade away.

But even for someone like me and for each and every other small dots in the world, God cares. He listens to our voices. He accompany us through our journey in life. He died hanging on the cross to save us.

Such love… Such unconditional love… Such true love… makes my heart speechless… 🙂

So, am I completely insignificant?

No, lah!! *wink* I will not deny that I am indeed very small…but definitely not insignificant.

I need (or rather, we need) to continue playing my (our) small part(s) in this big universe and tell the world of His big love.

Kristine G. Veneracion

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