DLSHSI Acceptance | Answered Prayer

Dear Reader,

Praised be Jesus and Mary!!



How wonderful!!!! An answered prayer!!! c”,)k

Just after I’ve decided to surrender everything to God, the email I have long been waiting for finally arrived!!

Yesterday afternoon, my mom said someone from La Salle called to inform me about deadlines on reservation. The person also said that I should have received an email, and that I should call back if I haven’t. My eyes were teary after hearing the good news. Praise God!

I checked my email right away, but there wasn’t any email. I called DLSHSI, but it was beyond office hours and they were still very busy. I decided that I would call again on Monday.

After a good night sleep, I woke up with a very good mood. The room temperature was perfect. I was wrapped with a very comfy comforter while hugging my new favorite pillow tightly. It was a perfect morning.

I was going to check Facebook, but I saw that I have 5 unread emails. And, yes!!! One of those was “that” email, the Letter of Acceptance for DLSHSI College of Medicine!!!!

The email was sent Friday, 2:28pm. I got no idea why it didn’t register in my inbox yesterday. Nevertheless, I was veeeery happy!!!

I even took a selfie photo without washing my face and combing my hair to remember this happy moment. (Look at my samurai topknot, haha!! It’s the first time I’m showing this to someone who is not my family. Yeah, I tie my hair that way when I sleep. Haha!) Now I understand why some people do this kind of selfie photos. It was such a perfect and joyful morning!


Oh my!!! Really, really!! THANKS BE TO GOD!!

I messaged my family and closest friends to thank them for their support and their intercessory prayers. They were also happy.

I shall do my best!! I shall study hard!! I shall not waste this blessing.

Thank you, Lord!

Kristine G. Veneracion

(P.S. The next step: A reservation bond of P20,000 must be settled within the next 10 days. Enrollment must be completed by May 8-9, 2014.)

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