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Dear Reader,

Praised be Jesus and Mary!

I am veeery excited!!! Enrolment is still on May 8-9, but I already feel very excited. At the same time, as shared in my previous post, I am worried about the Mock Exams on the orientation day.

According to seniors, the exam will not be recorded as its main objective is to show what written and practical exams are like. But, still…!!! I do not want to look stupid. More importantly, I do not want to feel stupid.

Some seniors also said that it is best to simply enjoy and not waste the remaining days of vacation because, once school starts, we will be very busy with studies. But…!!

Some of my friends will simply cheer me on and say, “I’m sure you can do it.” Well, I appreciate their optimism, of course. But, Lanz is different. He wished me good luck and warned me that it will be difficult.

I told him about my anxieties about the mock exam. He laughed at me. He explained that I only worry because I have no idea on what’s gonna happen next. His attitude made me feel that everything will be alright. He advised me to do advance reading NOW. Fine, I’ll stop watching Korean dramas and start studying. Haha!

“Buy those anat and physio books for idiot. It will be easier. For biochemistry, review your chemistry with focus on organic chemistry,” he suggested. (or more like he “ordered” haha!)

I tried searching in bookstores, but they only have ebook versions. I don’t like ebooks, but it’s better than nothing. I bought “Anatomy & Physiology for Dummies” and “Biochemistry for Dummies” for P673.49 (S$17.06) and P536.39 (S$16.04), respectively. I really think the titles of these books are very funny, but it doesn’t change the fact that these ebooks ARE expensive!

The following day, I sent Lanz a screenshot of my digital library.


He answered, “Yup. Start reading. Have you started? How was it?”

I told him that I am having a hard time remembering terminologies, but I am definitely enjoying the books.

He laughed at me again and explained that the medical field requires both memorization and analysis. And then, he laughed even more and said, “You can do it.”

He also suggested that I buy a medical dictionary to help me understand the new terminologies. He emphasized that I need to become familiar with medical terms. I probably won’t buy one soon, and just refer to dictionaries available for free online.

I smiled widely and I said, “Kaloka. : P” It’s me saying that it’s not easy, but I like it.

Soon, we stopped chatting so that I can do my reading assignments and he went back to work. He was on night duty.


Kristine G. Veneracion


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