Praised be Jesus and Mary!

One of the best decisions I have made was to delete all my free downloaded (a.k.a. pirated) music, movies, etc.

When I was younger, I thought it was okay.

When I realized that piracy is theft, I struggled about deleting my files. I got (maybe) more than a hundred songs and pressing Delete button was very difficult.

Eventually, I was able to delete my entire playlist. I started again with very few songs downloaded from my very few original CDs.

Even some of my relatives couldn’t understand my decision. It was sad and tough for me. And, until now, I am afraid of people hating me because of my conviction. : ‘ (

Nowadays, I prefer iTunes when it comes to music because they allow users to download just a few selected songs, rather than downloading the entire album which I find expensive.

Piracy applies not only in music, but also in movies, softwares, and books.

I admit I am not rich; that’s why I can only afford to buy those I need (like softwares and books)
and some of my favorites (like movies).

The temptation to continue downloading pirated stuffs from the internet was very strong. But after quite some time, the temptation becomes easier to resist. It is also probably because I am not that fond of music and movies. With books, I prefer real books. With softwares, now that’s harder to resist because softwares are very expensive. The new problem now is how to influence other people.

I also admit I am a sinner, but I have not given up.

Like user Pray4Life of Catholic Answers forum said,

There really isn’t any excuse to pirate software. If you can’t afford it, then you don’t have to use it. … No software exists that is more important than your soul. God bless you!

Have a blessed Lent!!

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