Medical Examination

Dear Reader,

Praised be Jesus and Mary!

I am very tired.


Oh, very tired. but happy!!

I am very happy!

Praise God!

My parents accompanied me to DLSHSI again today for the scheduled medical examination and other admission requirements.

We left home at 8:00 in the morning and reached there just a few minutes before 12:00 noon. We went straight to the admissions office and the security guard gave us a brochure and flowchart of the enrollment process.


The guard asked me to present my official receipt of reservation fee. Unfortunately, I forgot to bring that so I had to secure a slip of paper from PJ of Admissions Office in which he wrote the official receipt number. Mr. PJ was very accommodating and helpful like last time. His colleagues were heading off for lunch, but he stayed back because there are many applicants outside. I asked him, “How about your lunch?” He replied, “Ang dami kong applicants, uunahin ko pa ba sarili ko?” Aww~ 🙂 May God bless this good man.

I went to the nearest classroom (first door on the left) to have my measurements taken for the uniforms. Waaaaa!!! I feel very excited about the uniforms! We have the option of wearing pants or skirt. I decided to get 3 sets of pants and 2 sets of skirts. I considered ordering just 1 set each and have it copied by a different tailor to save money, but my parents convinced me that it will be more convenient to just order all 5 sets from Silver Creations, DLSHI’s official tailor. I agreed. We had to pay for at least one set which is P1,000 as downpayment.


And then, we went to the nearby school cafeteria to eat lunch. Oh, the food was very good! Or, maybe because I missed Filipino food very much? Hahaha!! There were plenty of choices, mostly traditional Filipino dishes (and desserts!!!). I would probably grow fatter when I start living in the dorms…but hopefully not.


We went to the Industrial Clinic as instructed in the flowchart before 1:00 pm. It felt strange because the queue was very short. When it was my turn, I found out that we went to the wrong place. I forgot that the guard instructed us that the first three steps would be at the school clinic. We went back to the same building as the admissions office and found a crowd of parents and students trying to get forms and queue numbers.

I got mine, and the school nurse wrote 122 on my form. We were instructed to do the blood test (CBC, Hepa B screening) and skin test (PPD) before the medical exam. We formed another queue and it took us more than an hour there. It was not so bad. I got the chance to meet new friends and future batchmates while waiting.

After about an hour, it was still number 16 on the medical examination. I decided to do the drug test and X-ray first.

The drug test was in Angelo King Building. There was a “No Drug Test Today” sign near the elevator, but when we walked further down the hall, there were students waiting for drug test. I joined them.

Then, we went to Wang Building near the parking lot for the X-ray. Both my parents were tagging along since morning. I bet they were very tired already. Dad & I asked mom to sit inside one of the offices there and just wait for us. Dad was very kind to accompany me everywhere. I got my turn in the Xray room, but some were unlucky. They had to come back on either Friday or Saturday because they cannot accommodate any more students for the day.

We went back to the school clinic to find out it’s still number 60+. @.@ *shock*

I found out that two of my new friends were still looking for a dormitory. I recommended them the dorm I chose. We went there to see the vacant rooms. They seemed to like it, but they said that they would decide on a later date.

We went back to the clinic and waited for a few more hours.

I had my turn around 5:00 pm.

After that, I went back to the admissions office to know what’s next. PJ said that he would issue the enrollment permit on Saturday and I had to submit the ID Application to the Registrar. We left DLSHSI past 6:00 pm.

We were very tired. We ate dinner outside, and reached home a few minutes before 11:00 pm.

It was a long day, but I am very grateful to God for giving me very supportive parents and new friends.

Ah! And , we must return to the school clinic on Saturday for the skin test result.

That’s all. Now, it’s finally time to sleep. Good night.


Kristine G. Veneracion

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