NMAT Result | Lost in Transit

Dear Reader,

Praised be Jesus and Mary!

I read somewhere that the requirements submitted will be checked again during enrollment.

I was reminded that I have not received my Official NMAT Result from CEM. DLSHSI allowed me to be interviewed with just the electronic copy of results, but I am worried that they might not allow me to enroll if I do not have the official copy.

I took the exam last November and the results were out more than a month after the exam. Aiyoh! Anong petsa na?

I sent a message last March 26 using the contact form at https://www.cem-inc.org.ph/nmat/contact-us inquiring if they had already sent out the results. The following day, they replied,

“Dear Ms. Veneracion,

Please be informed that we have mailed all the NMAT ERF for mailing last January 2, 2014 through ordinary mail, your copy must be lost in transit by now. We suggest that you just pick up the duplicate copy of your result at the CEM Head Office. Just bring two (2) valid IDs when claiming your copy or we can send you again a copy of your NMAT Result thru LBC but you need to remit to CEM the shipping cost of Eighty Pesos before we could process your request.

You may deposit the said amount at the CEM BPI Account no. 1885-1133-34. Attach a photo or scanned copy of the validated deposit slip in your email or you can fax at (02) 894.5536. Wait for 5 to 7 working days for the processing of your request. Kindly indicate in your email/fax your complete name, mailing address and contact number.

The NMAT Secretariat”

My mom and dad kindly dropped by at our local post office to check, but it was not there.

Comparing the cost of gas to travel to their office and the time that will be wasted, I opt for my NMAT Results to be mailed using LBC. I deposited the payment to their account immediately.

They informed me that I will receive the requested document in 5 to 7 working days after confirmation of payment with the bank. So, the earliest date of receipt would be April 4 and latest would be April 9.

I got an email today, April 3, from The NMAT Secretariat saying that they sent the parcel yesterday. In a few hours, I received the NMAT result. It was earlier than expected. What a pleasant surprise.


Kristine G. Veneracion

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