Never-ending Decision Making

Dear Reader,

Praised be Jesus and Mary!

Did you notice?

Life is the sum of all the decisions we make.

Get up or press the snooze button?

Exercise in the morning or at night? …or no exercise at all?

Coffee, tea, Milo or water with breakfast?

Water? Hot, lukewarm or cold?

Skirt or pants? Flats or high heels?

But which are the more important questions?

To control your temper or to get angry towards an irritating classmate or colleague?

To love or to hate?

To sin or not to sin?

To proclaim God’s name to the world or not?

To stand firm in saying no to divorce, abortion, and euthanasia or not?

To serve God or not?

How about the tricky ones?

To lie or not to lie? To gossip or not to gossip?

To download pirated music (and movies, books, softwares, etc) or not?

Do you see?

It’s endless!!

Our whole life is composed of minor and major decisions. Those concerning sins are life-or-death decision.

Sometimes, it can be tricky. Shall I pray now or help my mom do the dishes? What do you think? If I would end up ignoring my duties at home, I would rather pray a little later. Don’t you think so? It feels like a trap, doesn’t it? Of course.

Just like how the devil tempted Jesus while He was praying at the desert, it will be good versus sounds-good.

The more we try to love God, the tougher the decisions we must make. The evil one will not always present a very easy task of good versus bad. The bad will most likely be presented in a sounds-good and appealing way.

Do not worry.

The more we try to listen to what God really wants us to do, the more we become familiar to the voice of God.

Keep the faith. Be strong. He is with us always.

Let us pray that we can make the right choices, big or small. Let us make our whole life a prayer since we constantly have to make these kinds of decisions.

Have a blessed Lent!

Kristine G. Veneracion

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