Struggling with Anger

Dear Reader,

Praised be Jesus and Mary!

How’s your Lent so far? Mine is becoming more and more challenging. There are many temptations around me to become unkind and angry.

Right now, I want to go to our neighbor and ask them, “Are you deaf? I can hear your annoying music from every corner of our house. Do you own the whole town?” Waking up with all this noise is very irritating. I cannot even study, watch TV, listen to my own playlist, or play an instrument. Their volume feels like I’m wearing an earphone and listening at max volume. So loud!!! And their choice of music is not even music; it’s noise!!!! Why do some singers scream when singing??!!

Here’s what it’s like:

What do I do now? Sigh.

I am afraid I might not be able to hold back unkind words if I go next door and talk to them. I guess the best solution is to be a little bit more tolerant and just leave the house. Sigh. I am leaving my own house against my will. Argh!! Patience… Patience…

This is one of my biggest weakness – managing my very short temper. May God help me to be kind.


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