Palm Sunday

Dear Reader,

Praised be Jesus and Mary!
Whether it’s a fictional one or not, we know a lot of heroes (or superheroes). I’m happy I watched Captain America last Thursday and I am looking forward to the upcoming Spiderman movie. 🙂 Also, there is no regret in watching Disney’s Frozen about two weeks ago. Oh, Frozen is amazing – the music, the story, the characters, :’) Of course, there are also heroes in real life! Jose Rizal, Andres Bonifacio, Emilio Aguinaldo, and more!!
One thing is common amongst all the heroes. They put themselves second and decided to save and protect someone else first.
In Frozen, Princess Anna could’ve decided to run towards the person who can save her life, but she decided to run towards her sister and shield her from danger. Isn’t that what true love is? 🙂 To think of someone else before ones self.
The greatest hero/superhero, however, is He who died on the cross – Jesus.
Every year, we celebrate Palm Sunday to remember the time when Jesus entered Jerusalem. It was a joyous event. The people welcomed Him. But, did you ever wonder why the Gospel every year talks about Jesus’ suffering?
See, it is because Jesus knew that He was going to die soon after entering that town but He still obeyed His Father’s will. Why? To save us from sin.
Let us ask ourselves, will we enter a place if we knew we will die there? Normally, we will avoid that place, right?
So, these palms that we will keep until next year are not lucky charms. May we be reminded every time we see the palms that Jesus saved us from sin. He willingly entered Jerusalem. He willingly embraced humiliation, pain, and even death just for us… just for “me”… just for “you”.
Have a blessed Lent.
All for Jesus,
Kristine G. Veneracion
P.S. I apologize for not posting regularly during the past few days. As I shared in my previous post, I have been struggling with sin, especially because of my short temper. I was worried that my negativity will affect my writing…that’s why I decided to take a break.
P.S. (again): This post was inspired by Fr. Jess Cruz’ homily.

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