Ramen-y Reunion

Dear Reader,

Praised be Jesus and Mary!!

Reunion with old friends makes me very happy!!

Last April 12, we had a reunion with high school friends. Unfortunately , Grace fell sick and Joanna’s parents did not allow her to go to Manila for our our get together. In the end, it was just me, Lanz and Jopok.

We ate in RamenCool, a Japanese restaurant along West Ave. we all ordered the ramen with tempura the on top. I forgot what it’s called. Although I am allergic to prawns, I still chose that ramen because it looked yummy. I gave the tempura to Lanz. I did not experience any allergic reaction so I guess the prawn was cooked separately and simply placed on top of the ramen. We also tried their Yakisoba. The ramen was waaaaaaaa super delicious, while the yakisoba was so-so and too oily. If I get the chance to be around that area, I’d definitely dine there again. I’d give them a score or 9/10.

Ah, they also have a promotion. Customers who upload photos in Facebook or Instagram with RamenCool hashtags will get free California Maki. Oh, it was awesome! Very delicious. There’s 8 pieces all in all. And then, there was something like a crabsticks salad on top. Look, here:

More important than the food, I was very happy to see my friends. We had a lot of stories to catch up. We are all chasing for our dreams. We are happy and content. 🙂

Then, the week after, Joanna invited me for a date. We were supposed to play archery, but we changed our mind when we found out the rates. Haha!! The archery range in Ortigas (Gondola? Gondova? Gandova? Oh, whatever) changed their rates from P600 to P980. Argh! Expensive.

Rather than wasting money there, we decided to hangout in SM Megamall. We walked around and ended up eating late lunch at Kichitora In Tokyo restaurant. The photos in the menu doesn’t look very nice. The selection was limited. And if Joanna did not ask, we wouldn’t know that there’s another menu for smaller sized bowls of ramen. We weren’t really hungry so we chose the smaller bowls. Joanna chose the first one on the menu. It was a shoyu-based ramen with garlic flavor and the usual toppings. The egg was nice!!!! I don’t know what it’s called. You know, it’s the usual egg in ramen that looks half-boiled. That one. My disappointment about the photos in the menu and the fact that they didn’t show us the other menu were forgotten after we’ve tasted the ramen. The soup was very delicious. The pork was too thick, in my opinion. But, overall, it was good. It’s tastes delicious. We also ordered gyoza. It was so-so. The waitress instructed us to use soya sauce and vinegar for the gyoza. I wasn’t satisfied, so I requested for ginger. They gave us a good amount of ginger and We made our own gyoza sauce. I’d visit that restaurant again in the future…maybe. Haha!! The staffs were very friendly and hospitable. Thumbs up for them!!! I’d give Kichitora a score of 6/10.

Joanna and I talked a lot. I missed chatting with her about anything and about everything. We exchanged stories and laughters. After eating, we walked around the mall and ended up in Gong Cha where we continued our conversation.

Gong Cha reminded me of my life in Singapore for the past few years. Gong Cha was one of my favorites. I ordered the one I missed the most, Gong Cha Milk Alisan Tea with pudding. Joanna initially wanted to buy coffee, but later decided to try the one I chose. I decided the sugar levels. Mine was 0% and I chose 50% for her. She liked it. For Gong Cha, I’d give a biased score of 10/10. But, actually they still have a room for improvement. They were quite slow in clearing tables.

I was very happy. We sat in a corner table inside Gong Cha and continued our discussion. Later, we started taking about music. She watched video tutorials in YouTube to learn piano. We tried playing Hillsong’s Ocean using an iPhone app before going home.

I feel blessed having good friends like them. I know that they are true friends! They are my best friends!! I will treasure them forever.

Kristine G. Veneracion

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