A Farewell for Facing the Future

Dear friend,

Praised be Jesus and Mary!

Today, April 26, makes it exactly four years since the first day I stepped in Singapore with the intention of working there. That was one of the best decisions I ever made.

More than the city and the lifestyle, I miss the faith community, The Emmaus, that has helped ignite the fire in my heart. I miss my friends the most.

I did not even try to make friends in the beginning. I told myself that I would just attend the prayer meetings to be closer to God and not to make friends. I did not know when, but one day I just realized that the people there already became precious to my heart and that I would like to be in the service team to help take care of this bunch of youth.

I guess, having the same vision and mission builds a relationship that is even more stronger than ordinary friendship. We help each other in the journey towards the Lord and that’s how we became bonded. We are more like comrades.

Thanks to this community, I decided to once again actively search for God’s will – my purpose in life. Eventually, I found a calling to serve in the field of medicine. It was a reawakening of my childhood dream but, this time, I decided to walk through it as a life vocation and as an offering to Jesus.

That also means that I have to go home. The plan was to go for a short trip to the Philippines to take the national admission exam in November 2013, to resign from my job in December 2013, and to go home for good in January 2014. In short, the time of parting was about to come.

Parting will surely come at any time.

But we know that
just as there as sad farewells,
there are farewells for departures,
and farewells for facing the future.

And we know the only certainty is. That separation makes people strong.

-Aizawa Kosuke, Code Blue

In a Japanese drama, Code Blue, one of the main characters mentioned the quote above. I believe it’s true.

The farewell I had to bid with my friends was not just for a departure, it was for facing the future.

They expressed their support to my decision. I was also glad that we (not all, but many) still keep in touch. May this parting continue to make our friendship stronger.

Not many of them knew that I write here. But, if any of my friends from The Emmaus saw this post, let me say thank you once again. You, Emmaus and Singapore will forever be in my heart.

Kristine G. Veneracion

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