Enrollment, Uniform & Books

Dear friend,

Praised be Jesus and Mary!

We left home at exactly 9:00am and reached DLSHSI at 11:30am. We went straight to the Office of the Registrar in Wang Building. The process was much easier and organized compared to the medical examination. Only incoming freshmen for Doctor of Medicine may enroll from May 8 to 9.

I was very lucky because my queue number was called right before the lunch cut-off. 🙂 I submitted my enrollment permit and they gave me 2 copies of the assessment form with a very detailed breakdown of the tuition fee.


Then, I went to the Accounting Office at the basement of Wang building to pay my tuition fee. I was instructed to submit my assessment form to the security guard and to wait until they call my name. The queue at the cashier was longer, so we decided to eat lunch first.

After lunch, we went to the bookstore at the basement of Angelo King building and bought 2 of the recommended books (Moore’s Clinical Oriented Anatomy – P3,0943 and Netter’s Atlas of Human Anatomy – P3,217). I decided to buy the books 2 at a time because they were veeeeery heavy!!!!!!!!! (and very expensive.) Just now, I weighed the two books out of curiosity. I was guessing it would be 1 kg. each, but I was shocked when the hand of the weighing scale reached 4.9 kg. Shock!!!! 2 books=almost 5 kilos!!!!!

20140509-161210.jpg20140509-161217.jpgI went back to the accounting office while my mom and dad waited for me at the sofa outside the registrar’s office. Downstairs, I saw two of the new friends I met during medical examination. I was also introduced to a few more future batchmates. We had fun getting to know each other while waiting for our names to be called.

My name was called around 2:30pm. My parents and I decided to pay on an installment basis. (Please refer to the photo above for the payment scheme.) The P20,000 reservation fee was deducted to the first installment, so we paid P42,039.25. I would like to share that the accounting office accepts cheque payments which makes it convenient because we wouldn’t have to carry cash while travelling to school.

After paying, I went back to the registrar’s office to have my enrollment validated. The application form for the school ID was submitted, but the photo taking will be announced at a later date. Finally, they gave me a Certificate of Registration which contains the schedule for the incoming semester. I was very happy!


The schedule was crazy. As you can see in the photo above, the classses will be straight from 7:00am to 3:00pm. @.@ What??!!!!! When’s lunch time?! But, do not worry. A senior shared in our Facebook group that the “real” schedule will be announced a few days before the first day of classes. There will only be two subjects in a day for the first year. Whew! 🙂

They informed us that the Lasallian Orientation for Aspiring Doctors (LOAD) was scheduled on May 29-30. Parents Orientation was set on May 29.

Then, we went to the old medicine building to pick up the uniforms. Waaaa!!! I couldn’t wait to reach home to try on the uniforms.

Lastly, I went to the dorm to submit the signed contract and to take measurements of the bed and the window.

We left Dasmariñas at 3:00pm and reached home at 6:00pm.

I tried on the uniform. It was my first time wearing one since high school. I ordered 2 sets of skirt and 3 sets of pants. All the blouses have similar length which is different from what the seniors shared. They said that the blouse for the skirt should be shorter. Nevertheless, I love the skirt uniform. The pants were around 2 inches longer than it should be. I called the tailoring shop, Silver Creations, and they said that I can give it back to them on orientation day for altering.

Ah! And I was so happy to the point that I wore the uniform while eating dinner. Haha! :p


Yea… so that’s everything. I was very grateful for my parents who gave up one working day for me and paid for my expenses. Thank you!

Shocks! Totoong-totoo na ‘to!! 🙂

I was very happy. Indeed, God is very good to me. c”,)k

All for Jesus!


Kristine G. Veneracion


Red Pin = Silver Creation. Almost across STI College.

A photo of their shop + shop sign with their contact details. 

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