Dorm Essentials

Dear friend,

Praised be Jesus and Mary!

I lived in a dorm during my undergraduate studies. I lived on my own when I worked in SIngapore. So, praise God that, more or less, I have an idea of what I (or we) would need and want in our home away from home. Mommy and Tita kept asking me to make a checklist for dorm life. As promised, I’m sharing it here. If you already have your own list, this might help you double-check. If you haven’t made one yet, here you go.

Below might look like a long list, but it’s just because of my commentaries. Also, we don’t need to buy all these things. Just bring the ones we have at home. c”,)k


  • Mattress (Unlike my old dorm, I would need to bring my own mattress this time.)
  • Bedsheet, Pillowcase, Blanket, Comforter (2 sets of would be nice for bedsheets and pillowcases. However, I will have just one comforter because it’s bulky to keep two in my small dorm room. Moreover, comforters are quite expensive, hehe!)
  • Pillows (The more, the merrier! For me, I want one normal pillow and a bolster. I like hugging something while sleeping. I also like hugging something when I’m happy or when I want to cry. Being homesick is normal, if I may add.)
  • Aircon (…if you want. I checked with other dorms. Apparently, it’s a norm to either rent or buy your own aircon for dorms in Cavite. Sigh. It’s troublesome.)
  • Wall clock and/or alarm clock (…although I know many people who just rely on their wrist watches and mobile phones. But, I need a real alarm clock! I’m a night owl and I need help in waking up early. I would not want to fail my classes because of tardiness.)
  • Wall decor, Blue tack (Obviously, this is not a must. I normally like keeping the walls clean and empty but I want to try something different this time. I would like to have some inspiration on my wall with at least 2 frames – one with a family photo and another with my motto. I’ll probably use blue tack to fix them on the wall so that it doesn’t damage the wall. Alternatively, you may want picture frames on your table. I don’t like frames on my table, though.)
  • Crucifix, Bible, and Rosary. (more powerful source of strength and inspiration.)

Eating In: (Note: cooking is not allowed in my dorm.)

  • Plastic Box (This is where I will keep everything related to food, except for my water bottle and mug which I will most likely leave on my table.)
  • Water bottle (This can be used both at home and in school.), Plate, Bowl, Mug, Spoon, Fork, Chopsticks, Knife, Can Opener
  • Jars for milk & Milo. (…and coffee for you, maybe? I don’t like coffee.), Air-tight containers (for left over cereals or biscuits.)
  • Pantry Basics (powdered milk, fresh milk, Milo, teabags, cereals, instant oatmeal, instant cup noodles, Pocky!, tuna, bread, etc. You know what you want.^^)

Study Table:

  • Books (of course. Some people prefer ebooks but I prefer real books.)
  • Pen holder for the school supplies (yellow and green highlighters for me, sticky notes, pens, pencils, eraser, scissors, stapler, etc.)
  • Bookstand (…if you want. It’s not urgent for me. I can think this over and buy later if I need.)
  • Chair (My dorm provides study table, but no chair. Why, oh why?)
  • Desk lamp (…if you need one. Good lighting is very important for studying.)

Tech Stuffs:

  • Mobile Phone (Don’t forget your headset and charger.)
  • Voice Recorder (…if you want. It can be your mp3 player or mobile phone. I heard it’s useful to record lectures.)
  • Speaker (…if you like music. I like music, but I can neither study nor fall asleep when there’s music. What I want to say is to please be considerate of your neighbors when using your speakers. Remember that what is music to them may be noise to you and vice versa.)
  • Tablet (for some), Laptop, Optical Drive
  • Thumb drive (extremely useful! The school required us to bring a 32GB flash disk during orientation. 32 GB! That’s big!)
  • External Hard Disk (I know some people who likes using external hard disk. I don’t.)
  • Camera (…or phone camera, to capture good memories.)


  • Uniforms (Yay!! I’m excited to wear a uniform again. The last time was still in high school.)
  • School Shoes
  • School Bag (I’m still debating whether to use shoulder bag or backpack. I don’t like backpack, but it seems more practical.)
  • Other clothes (socks, handkerchiefs, pajamas, undies *shy*, casual clothes (2 or 3 sets will do, for me), sports clothes/uniform)
  • Shoes/Sandals for casual attire.
  • Hangers
  • First-aid kit
  • Umbrella


  • Mirror (It’s always nice to have a mirror in the bathroom. Another mirror in the bedroom will be very nice, too.)
  • Towels (at least 2. I’m still thinking where to hang my towel.)
  • Shower Caddy (to keep my toiletries organized; shampoo, conditioner, soap/body wash, facial wash)
  • Water dipper, soap dish, bucket(?)
  • Toothpaste, Toothbrush, Dental Floss,
  • Deodorant, Cotton Buds, Cotton, tissue
  • For girls: Hair pin, head band, make up, sanitary napkin


  • Dish detergent, sponge, dish cloth
  • Laundry basket
  • Mop, Ajax (Actually… I confess that I don’t clean at home. I need to ask my mom about this.)
  • Area Rug
  • Potted Plant? Haha! (That would be nice, but definitely not necessary, haha! This can wait.)

I know that some dorms, like mine, have limited space. Thus, it is important to keep all these things organized. Use boxes. That’s what I’m gonna do. I plan to have one medium-sized box for food, one small box for chargers, cords and other electronics, a shower caddy for the toiletries, and a pencil holder on my desk. That’s not so bad, right?

I think that’s all. Are you excited, too? I am!!!

God bless!


Kristine G. Veneracion

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