Dear friend,

Praised be Jesus and Mary!!

From an 8-hour lecture (8am-12nn and 1pm-5pm) yesterday, my friend and I took a short breather and ate dinner.

Then, we headed to the library to study until 10pm. We left our seats simply because it was closing time.20140710-043455-16495213.jpg

And, then we moved to Charm’s dorm to resume our revision. We decided that studying together would be nice so that we could help each other stay awake. 🙂

I reached home about half an hour ago. It’s now 4:30.

I want to continue studying but I feel very tired. And worse, I feel feverish. I guess it’s time to sleep (after posting this).

Almost everyone I know have the same study routine but, right now, I’m thinking that this is very unhealthy.

People say medical students are almost always sleep deprived. I definitely can relate to that.

I do not procrastinate. There is just too much information and too little time. 24 hours a day is not enough.

Yesterday, I got the my exam results in Anatomy-Histology. I passed the practicals but failed the theoretical part. I feel very down because of my low grades.

I am tired. Sigh.

But, I cannot be moping around because of all these. I need to stay positive because negative vibes will only make things harder.

I must remind myself why in the first place did I decide to study Doctor of Medicine.

All for my dreams. All for Jesus! c”,)k

Kristine G. Veneracion

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