String Ensemble

Dear friend,

Praised be Jesus!

I joined an organization in our college called Lasallian String Society (LSS). Last Friday, we had our very first practice. It was also the very first time I played music in a string ensemble.

It was decided that we will play a Disney love song medley, a total of 7 songs, for the children in the pediatric ward in the university hospital.

Our president was awesome. She wrote a quartet arrangement of the medley and prepared a schedule for us. Practice was set once a week with the objective of learning one song per week, starting with Can’t You Feel The Love Tonight.

We split into 4 groups. The new members, mostly froshies, were paired with seniors. I was assigned in Violin 2 with a very talented senior. He knows violin very well. He even identified the brand of string I used just by looking and listening at it. Awesome!

I am not confident about the way I play violin since I am still a beginner at this instrument. But, to my surprise, I felt comfortable playing with them. I felt motivated. And, for the first time, someone praised me for my music. Haha! I did not know whether it was flattery or not, but it made me happy.

At the end of the practice session, we gathered all four groups. President instructed us, “We all start downbow. 1…2…3 and 4…”

We played together.

Huwaaaaaaooow!!! Our tempo was bad, but I felt that it was really awesome!!!! Truly, creating music with another person or with a group of people is more fun than playing alone.

On that day, I remembered why I started learning the violin. I fell in love with violin once again. I was inspired to learn more and to improve my music. My passion was ignited once again.

One of our seniors encouraged us and shared this quote:

“Talent is good. Practice is better. Passion is best.”
– Frank Lloyd Wright


“Do it with passion or not at all.”

It is also interesting to note that these quotes also apply in studying.

Lastly, our president reminded us,

“Keep practicing…but as always, studies first.”

I look forward to the next practice.

Thank God for this happy moment despite all the stress from unending revisions and examinations.

Kristine G. Veneraion

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