Even if I have to crawl, I’ll get there.

Dear friend,

Praised be Jesus and Mary!

Someone helped me realize only yesterday that medical school is not a race, it is a marathon.

My pace might not be as good as my classmates’. However, it is more important to keep the optimism, the hope, and the faith to fulfill this dream.

It’s not all about speed. We cannot just sprint. We need to train hard (study reeeeallly hard even if it means sleepless nights). We need to have the endurance. We need to keep our focus.

We need to believe that we’re gonna get that “MD” after our names at the end of this marathon called med school.

I am reblogging this old post (below) as it describes exactly what I feel write now – EVEN IF I HAVE TO CRAWL, I’LL GET THERE!

Kite String

Dear Reader,

Praised be Jesus and Mary!

One of my favorite Korean drama, Playful Kiss (also known as Naughty Kiss), is a romantic comedy that has taught me a lot of moral lessons in life such as perseverance and friendship.

In the very first episode, the protagonist Oh Ha Ni, was running laps as an outlet for her broken heart.

Her friends pleaded, “What are you doing? You’re already on your 34th lap. Will you stop already?”

“Two more laps,” Oh Ha Ni replied panting.

On her 35th lap, she fell down. Her friends were getting extremely worried.


“My specialty is doing anything…for a long period of time,” Oh Ha Ni said.

She was not the smartest girl in school. She was slower than the majority, but she could do anything with perseverance. Just like the snail, she never gave up and managed to reach Noah’s ark in the end.

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