God is listening to my prayers.

Dear friend,

Praised be Jesus and Mary!!

Today, I received a handful of surprises/blessings. Most of them are related to my studies, my most frequent petition nowadays. I would like to testify about God’s thoughtfulness and generosity by enumerating them to you.

1) All of a sudden, Friend A offered to help me study Gross Anatomy!! I was very happy for her kindness and generosity. Very happy~

2) We were dismissed early for lunch and I was able to sleep 2+ extra hours before the afternoon class. (In medical school, sleep is rare and precious.)

3) Friend B me invited me for a small group study for Biochem on Sunday. I felt very happy and blessed for his kindness. Unfortunately, I will be out of town this weekend. He told me I could join next time.

4) Friend C offered to give me her extra copies of Anatomy printed handouts!! It saved me time, ink and papers. And, most of all, her handouts have handwritten notes and drawings which are very helpful.

5) Friend D invited me to join their Bible study group. I have been longing to find a community to help me grow closer to God. I thanked her for her thoughtfulness, and look at her reply. She said, “…God reminded me…”

6) Friend E offered to join me for dinner. 🙂

7) Starbucks offered a free slice of doughnut and free oatmeal cookies. Free!! Woohoo!! Free is yummy!! I took one – the doughnut. (I would also love to try the oatmeal but I thought it would be greedy to take two. Hehe!) c”,)k


7) And, more… 🙂

God is answering my prayers and touching my life through the people around me. (Naubos tuloy ang kadramahan ko sa buhay~)

Truly, God is good all the time!

Kristine G. Veneracion

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