I’m Giving Away My NMAT Reviewer

Dear friend,

I personally like hand-me-down stuffs. So…. I’m giving away my MSA NMAT Reviewer!! Yay! c”,)k

These books (along with Google Search) helped me get a “happy” NMAT score and eventually helped me get accepted in my first choice med school.

I no longer need it. That’s why I’m giving it away so that it can serve you next.

It’s not in perfect condition… But, hey!! I’m giving it away for free, so don’t complain. Hehee! ^^

Priority will be given to those who live around Bustos-Baliuag area in Bulacan (we can meet one weekend) and to students of DLSU-D and DLSHSI (meet up in DLSHSI).

Please leave a comment if you want the books.

God bless you on your NMAT exam!


11 thoughts on “I’m Giving Away My NMAT Reviewer

  1. Hi, Kim. I wonder if you have have given away your NMAT reviewers already. If you have, do you know of any kind souls like you who are willing to share theirs? It would be such a blessing! God bless you always!

  2. Hi, Kite..good day..would you know anyone who still have their NMAT reviewer and would be interested in giving it away or selling it perhaps? If you do know anybody, please PM me at my email address: little_prince192001@yahoo.com. Thank you very much and good job with your website!!! God Bless 🙂

  3. Hello po, are the reviewers po still available? Or do you have a pdf version of nmat reviewer? Thank you very much! ☺️

    • Hi chrissy! The reviewers were already given away. I used to have a pdf file-reviewer, pero wala na ako nun ngayon e. Sensya na. That pdf wasn’t MSA btw. You can easily find MSA reviewers in National Bookstore 🙂 God bless you and your MD dream! 🙂

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