Catholic: I Can, But I Must Not

Dear friend,

Praised be Jesus and Mary!

I love it when people say you can’t be Catholic and gay, yet you can be Catholic and unfaithful, use contraception and have premarital sex.”

My classmate posted this in social media and it made me feel sad. I cannot help but respond to defend my faith…and our Church.

I do not wish to comment on the first statement for now because it is controversial, and I believe there will be other opportunities to write about it. Let us focus on the second statement for now. Please let me share what I feel about this. And, also, I do not have any intention to offend anyone.

Sure, I CAN be Catholic and be unfaithful BUT I MUST NOT.

Sure, I CAN be Catholic and use birth contraceptives BUT I MUST NOT.

Sure, I CAN be Catholic and engage in premarital sex BUT I MUST NOT.

“I CAN” because God gave me free will. “BUT I MUST NOT” because I choose to love and obey Him.

(And, oh, please do not misunderstand or judge me because of this post. I have committed many sins, but I have never used contraception and I have never engaged in premarital sex.)

The only thing the Sacrament of Baptism took away from us is original sin. God never takes away our free will. He never forces His children to love Him. He wants us to come to Him and obey Him out of our own will… and out of love.

I am a sinner. That is true. I am not perfect. So if I commit a sin, then please blame me and not the Catholic church.

Lastly, being Catholic is not about being perfect. Being Catholic is about doing our best to reach our ultimate end of being united with God someday.

Kristine G. Veneracion

P. S. Please feel free to leave comments to express your thoughts and feelings about this. Initially, I wanted to write something about Pope Francis because he is in the country, but I felt a strong push in my heart to write about this instead.

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