DLSHSI Recollection Day 1 of 2

Dear friend,

Praised be Jesus and Mary!

The first day was a recollection and sharing based on the life of St. John Baptist de La Salle. We answered questions on how God was present in different events in our lives – risky decisions, difficult decisions, greatest achievements, humbling experiences.

I was too nervous to share my thoughts and reflections in an organized manner. I wasn’t sure if my groupmates understood what I wanted to say. But, on the other hand, I was grateful to learn from my groupmates’ sharing.

But! The best part was after the whole program. With the prompting of the Holy Spirit, my classmates and I agreed to pray the Holy Rosary together before we sleep (or study).

It was quite late at night, 11pm. I was happy because we all felt the desire or the need to pray inspite wanting to sleep or study. I was very happy offering prayers to Jesus and to Mama Mary.

After the Rosary, I went back to the dormitory and found a classic med school scene. In a normal recollection, everyone would be chatting, playing games or sleeping around this time. But, over here, everyone’s studying!!!!

All for Jesus!


Kristine G. Veneracion

P.S. Prayer hangover: I really feel happy. It was an awesome decision to pray rosary together. 🙂

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