DLSHSI Recollection Day 2 of 2

Dear friend,

Praised be Jesus and Mary!

On the second and final day of the recollection, we were reminded that

every action we do, lifted up to God, is a prayer. 

Today, I will write my thoughts and learnings in bullet form because of limited time.

  • God’s will is the good I am capable of at the present moment.
  • Everything I do can become a gift to God if it springs from the desire to please Him.
  • Nothing we do or undergo for God is ever forgotten by Him.

During the retreat, we had a lot of sharing and group activities. My group made this poster to symbolize our similarities and differences. Each of us was blessed with unique charisms, yet we all work hard towards our dream of serving (God through) humanity.

(One groupmate went missing during photo-taking time.)

Most of us in the group agreed that, as of that day, we do not see ourselves doing something else or being somewhere else. We all want to become Lasallian doctors.

And, we were also reminded through the recollection that if we truly live Jesus in our hearts,

  • We would treat each other with respects.
  • We would see Jesus suffering in the abandoned, the sick and the deprived. 
  • We would never give up on people or write them off as hopeless (ex: criminals).
  • We would search painstakingly for goodness in a person.

All for Jesus!

In Him,

Kristine G. Veneracion

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