Dear friend,

Praised be Jesus and Mary!

Guys who are chivalrous are always very impressive, especially young men.

This honorable and polite behavior of men towards women is not as common as it was in the old days. It is sad and I wonder why.

Could it be a misinterpretation of “gender equality” that men and women must receive the same kind of treatment? Probably.

Could it be that it simply became something outdated? Hmmm… Hopefully not.

Could it be because they’re just shy? Hehe.

Actually, there could be loads of reasons, and some are good reasons.

A classmate and friend saw me carrying a plastic bag with about a 6-inch pile of papers. It was not heavy at all. Sure, I can manage, but he still offered to help me carry the papers. I refused and said I’m okay. He insisted. I gave in.

I felt his SINCERITY. A true gentleman.

It made me happy not only because he helped me but also because I knew that chivalrous men like him treat women politely not because they are physically weaker but because they wish to treat women with the dignity that they deserve.

May God bless them!


Kristine G. Veneracion

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