Dear friends,

Praised be Jesus and Mary!

This is a non-verbatim transcription of the homily of Fr. Manny David, chaplain of DLSHSI.

“The last verse of today’s Gospel (John 1:47-51), verse 51, describes the greater things that will be – the opening of the heavens and the vision of angels of God ascending and descending upon Jesus, the son of God.

Today is the feast day of St. Michael, Gabriel and Raphael. Some would even include 4 other angels, but that is tradition. Biblically, we are only able to find three names in the Old Testament. 

In first reading (Revelation 12:7-12), we have St. Michael. He is the leader of the army of angels who fought against Lucifer.

Second, we hear about Gabriel. Who was sent to the Blessed Virgin Mary during the Anunciation to tell her that she was chosen among many women? That was Angel Gabriel. ‘The angel of the Lord declared unto Mary.’ There. He was also sent for St. Joseph. He said, ‘Do not be afraid to have as your wife.’ The vision was expressed through a dream; thus, we have a figure of the sleeping St. Joseph.

And, then, there’s Raphael. In the Book of Tobit in the Bible, Raphael touched the water and that became a source of healing for those who were in need. kaya associated si Angel Raphael to God’s mercy and healing.

Let us remember that angels are servants of God, first and foremost. They are there always making possible the fulfilment of God’s plan. Their works are neither for their ambitions nor for their own sake; they always to bring forth the dream of the loving Father.

May we also become like angels in our life. May we do our part so that the dream of the loving Father will be realized.”


Kristine G. Veneracion

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