Seek God Everywhere: Silence

Dear friend,

Praised be Jesus and Mary!

Ignatian spirituality has always been very interesting to me. I saw this book by chance the other day at Kobo (an ebook reader/store; Idownloaded it from the App Store) and I decided to purchase it for PHP481.79. I am still at Chapter 1, but I can already say that the price was worth it. It is entitled Seek God Everywhere: Reflections on the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius.

For the next few days, I might share quotations and other contents that are striking (and/or beautiful) to me. I might share some of my reflections. I might share some of my experiences as I go through the book and the exercises.

It’s a short book. I read all of Chapter 1 in a few minutes, but I decided to take it slowly. Reading is different from REALLY absorbing its contents. I went back to the first page and identified the first message – SILENCE.

Although I consider myself an introvert, I am not the quite-type of person. I talk a lot. (& type a lot?!! Haha) When I don’t talk, the thoughts (including unnecessary ones) continue to pour in my head. & outside my head, the people and my environment are also noisy. Hahaha!!

And then, I remember that one time when I joined a semi-silent retreat and we were not allowed to talk the whole day, except during Mass and sharing time. Those silent days were beautiful. I had a lot of realizations, and I made important decisions during that time. I learned more about myself (and more!) during that short period of time.

It’s been a while. Hmmm….hhmmm…

I spent today trying not to forget two things: 1) to seek God everywhere through silence, and 2) to reflect on this statement from the book:

“Find great sweetness in silence.”

Talking is not the only form of noise. I thought that I’d try to lessen my time in Facebook. Scrolling Facebook felt like there were too many people talking. It also felt like reading gossip from a magazine, haha. It was difficult. I like Facebook, but I will keep trying for the next few days.

As I was walking down the sidewalk a few hours ago, I found silence. I was alone. I wanted to know myself more. I wondered what God would like to tell me. A thought came to my mind about finding the good in every person, including stangers and enemies/annoying people. I realized that people can be kind because we were created in God’s image. And then, even more amazing thoughts flowed to my head:

The Holy Spirit is in me… in us, which means that God is in us.

“[n]o one is good but God alone” (Luke 18:19)

So, the goodness in people is God!

That means that, when we find the good in people, we are actually finding God in them!

I had this feeling that something was stirring in my heart. It felt like “Hey! God is in me! He is in other people, too!” This realization, though as if it was stating the obvious, made my heart truly happy.

I end the day with a resolution of setting aside time everyday in silence – more prayer, more reflection, MORE LISTENING TO GOD, and less scrolling in Facebook, haha! It might be challenging but I am not giving up.

You should try, too!! 🙂


Kristine G. Veneracion

06 January 2016

6 thoughts on “Seek God Everywhere: Silence

  1. I was introduced to two of this Priest’s earlier books in a Ministries program and they were amazing in retelling stories from his life in India with his Christian perspective. Hakim came riding his camel by too fast. A friend yelled “What are doing?” as he roared by a second time. “I’m looking for my camel!” he yelled back on a third fly by… In much the same way many people search for God.

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