My Valentine

Dear friend,

Praised be Jesus and Mary!

I just stepped out of DLSHSI’s gate (the Emergency one beside the hospital) when a child, a stranger, came running towards me.

He gave me a flower.

I accepted the present. I smiled and said “Thank you” but, before I could say anything else, he ran away. I saw him go into the hospital.

I was confused. Then, suddenly several thoughts flooded my mind. The child looked like he’s around 5 or 6, but he was running outside the hospital ALONE!! He went into the hospital. Does that mean he’s a patient? Where are his parents or guardian?! Or, did I just saw Jesus??!!! Another observation: he was wearing a light blue rosary around his neck. The flower made me really happy. It made me feel loved. Was that Jesus??!!! I was sure it was an encounter with Jesus!! But..!! He is still a child and it’s irresponsible to ignore the fact that he was alone. What if he’s a patient?! (See? Too many thoughts at that moment.)

I followed him. I was half walking and half running, but he was fast. He disappeared really fast. I searched for him in the hospital lobby and finally found him sitting at the guard’s post at the other hospital entrance.

The guard told me that the boy is a dialysis patient from the 3rd floor.
“Oh~ I see.”
I approached the child and thanked him once again. He’s smart and polite. He said, “You’re welcome.”

I interviewed him and found out that his mother is the dialysis patient. His father was in a restaurant outside the hospital, but he asked him to go back first to meet the pizza delivery person. I thought the father was wrong to let him go back to the hospital alone, especially with the recent news about kidnapping and other crimes in this area. That was irresponsible.

Eventually, the boy’s cousin and father arrived at the hospital entrance to meet with him.

We bid each other goodbye. And i was surprised when he said “I love you” and quickly leaned to kiss me on my left cheek. “So sweet and innocent,” I thought.

He was already inside, but he ran back towards me to ask for my name.

“My name is K,” I told him.

He asked for number and I found that really funny. I giggled and thought, “Did I just meet a very young playboy?”

I decided that it was time for me to go home. I said goodbye once again; he was with his cousin waiting for the lift.

He called out to me and shouted, “I love you. Very much.”

That strange but beautiful experience – I was sure that it was an encounter with Jesus.

(And, Jesus knows I love kids!)

It all happened after I attended sunset Mass, and my head was filled with thoughts about this:

“(Saint) Ignatius believed that God deals directly with us. God works in our minds; he also works in our feelings.”

I forgot from where/from whom I learned this from or if this was from the Bible:

“God works in ways we understand; it may be through our senses – what we see, hear, feel, etc.”

And, today, this event was an affirmation. I am sure.

It was also a reminder that my true Valentine…the greatest lover of my soul… is Jesus.


Kristine G. Veneracion

05 Feb 216

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