True Love is…

Dear Reader,

Praised be Jesus and Mary!

My beloved and I had this very short conversation while walking to the hospital this morning.

me/K: Do I make you happy?
him/R: Of course.
K: How?
R: Love is happiness. (pause) But, most of the time, love is the way of the cross. You are my cross.

Hahaha!! If that’s the case, then he probably loves me a lot! Because…

“The greatest symbol of LOVE is not the HEART but the CROSS. Why? Because the heart can always stop beating, but the man on the cross will never stop LOVING. “

…and, we know very well from Jesus that suffering is a concrete expression of love. We have also seen that from our parents who made sacrifices to take care of us. :”) I know by now that he is someone who welcomes suffering for me, and I am also happy making sacrifices for him. 🙂

(Photo taken last 2016.12.30)

I think we are very much in love, and I believe that this is true love. I can’t help but smile. What a good way to start the morning. ☺️

Kristine G. Veneracion

2017.03.11 | 07:21

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