2nd & 3rd year Books Official Price List

Dear friends,

Praised be Jesus and Mary!

I was sorting my files when I saw this, and I realized that I have not shared this yet:

2nd & 3rd yr books

I do not have the best grades, but I think I know from experience and from other sources (professors, seniors, friends, etc) the good reference books which is worth the investment.

For Pathology, use Robbins textbook. Atlas can be helpful, too. 🙂 Since I used Wheater’s for basic histology, I find Wheater’s Patho atlas more comfortable to use. Robbins atlas is not bad either.

For Pharmacology, I bought Katzung because I find Goodman too expensive. I think it is good in addition to the lecture notes/handouts/PowerPoint. I find it difficult to study Pharmacology without the book, because handouts are composed of keywords, which do not make sense to me.

For Microbiology, Jawetz. 🙂 I love Micro although it’s my weakest subject. 😥 I also use Microbiology Made Ridiculously Simple from Amazon. Although it is not complete, there are lots of helpful coloring book-like illustrations and mnemonics.


For Internal Medicine, Harrison’s 🙂 Some classmates use IM Platinum, but my darling who is now a licensed MD discourages me from using IM Platinum for med school. I trust him, so I obey. 🙂

For PD, my darling and lecturers keep reminding us to read Bates, but I need to confess that I have never used my textbook, because of time constraint. *guilty* The school provides a PD Manual which is helpful for history taking and practicals/return demo.

For Surgery, there’s the super heavy (mga 5kg!!) Schwartz. Like Bates, I have never used this textbook. Surgery is a minor subject in 2nd year, and everything needed for exams are provided during lecture. Thus, I study lecture ppts/handouts/transcriptions/notes.

For Obstetrics, my dad’s colleague lent me his daughter’s old William’s. Good book.

For Pediatrics, I have Nelson which I have used to press and preserve a stem of rose from last Valentine’s. Haha! The flower was pressed nicely, so yea… this book is heavy!!…& good.


While some books have not been used much, I heard that these will be utilized more in 3rd year when minor subjects become major subjects. For the past months, I spend less time with books and more time with lecture transcriptions. However, as advised by my darling, I am trying to read more. I acknowledge that med school is the best time to read the books because there won’t be enough time during board exam review period. And, as recommended by review centers, we do not have to read all available textbooks (daming time? haha). Just pick one good textbook per subject, and make it a goal to read it cover-to-cover during med school, because textbooks are always more superior than review books.

Lastly, I would like to emphasize that the price of the books (yes, very expensive) is not an excuse to support piracy (like pirated ebooks). We want to be doctors to serve patients in the future. It is a profession which can be really noble. Do not steal books to reach your dream/goal. The end does not justify the means. In my case, I bought the books one/two/three at a time. We do not have to buy it all at once. Save for it. It’s a good investment. After using it and you want to sell it, then you get to earn back part of your money, but the book has already served you well. If we really cannot afford, like Goodman in my case, there’s the library. Remember, if there is a will there is a way.

If you cannot afford something, you probably do not need it. But if you need it and cannot afford it, find a way which will not taint your soul. You can borrow from the library, from a friend, or from… idk! —if there’s a will, there’s a way. Our relationship with God is more important than these books. 🙂 NO TO PIRACY!

That is all. Feel free to contact me if you have questions. 🙂

All for Jesus!

Kristine G. Veneracion


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