Dating A Resident (Part 2 of 5)

Dear Reader,

Praised be Jesus and Mary!

In this series, I shall share some experiences, challenges and tests in our relationship due to him being a resident and me being a med student, and how we cope with it. I shared about him being always sleep deprived in my last post (Part 1). Therefore, it is important to let him sleep. This time, I shall talk about flexibility when it comes to plans, dates and meetings.

#2 Be flexible

You agreed to meet at 7:30 for dinner, and he even sent a message saying he’s almost done. At 7:29… surpsise!! There’s a new admission. Haha! You can cancel the plan, or patiently wait for him. For me, I prefer waiting for him a little longer (sometimes, waiting time isn’t “little”) because I’m not the only one who’s hungry; my beloved who is still at work is also hungry. Furthermore, I worry that he might skip his meal and go straight to sleep instead if I do not join him. I usually forget all about the waiting time once I am reunited with him. If he says sorry for making me wait, that’s a bonus that will make me smile even more. It’s a sorry which means he cares and feels bad for making me wait even though we both know that he is not at fault. 🙂

(foood!!!! heeheee!!)

Here’s another story. On our first Valentine’s Day, we agreed to go out for dinner. He told me that he could probably make it at 6 pm. At 6:06, he sent me a text saying “mga 8pm pa ko honey” Okay, 8 pm then. 🙂 Even without explanation, I knew that things are getting toxic at his side. It’s okay. I’m sincerely 100% fine with that.

I don’t like it when my man makes me wait for dinner or dates. That’s not something a gentleman would do. #respect 😉 But, that applies only on normal days when he’s very free and coming from home. And, even if I don’t like it, I will do my best to be understand because that free day could be one of the rare days when he can have a decent sleep.

Surprisingly, I never get frustrated whenever he’s being held back at work by a patient going toxic or by paperworks.

No matter how much he loves his job, he’s most likely already dead tired towards the end of his duty. I’m sure that, by that time, he also wants food or rest. It was never his choice to get that buzzer beater admission and, obviously, he would never wish for a patient to go toxic.

Our solution:

First, ask God for help and guidance.

Second, understanding and LOVE are keys to a happy relationship despite cancelled or postponed plans.

Third, it also helps a lot when I keep myself busy and productive while waiting. (This will be our topic for Part 3! Hehe!)

Finally, appreciate his effort and enjoy every moment spent together to the fullest!

Kristine G. Veneracion

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